Serbia new mining rent fee matrix does not apply for Gazprom operations

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Mining rent fee for “Naftna Industrija Srbije” i.e. “Gasprom” won’t be changed because Serbia wants to keep International Energy Agreement with Russia enforced, Professor Dr Milan Bacevic, Minister of Spatial Planning and Mining stated on recent press conference.

GazpromNeft NIS would take bigger annual income from mining rent fee increase but it would also have to pay 300 million EUR to Gasprom yearly.

The Law for Mining and Geological Research should pass one more lap in public discussion and the rulebook for mining rent fee would be enforced after adoption of this rule in Serbian Parliament. This rulebook will correct existing pricelist but obviously not for all consumers.

-Legally observed, International Agreement is stronger than any other domestic legal act- Bacevic stated. –We asked for official documents from “Srbijagas” because of speculations about gas price Serbia pays with reference to other countries. It turned out that estimation we published was correct. Serbia has much bigger saving because of not paying rent for not withdrawn gas amounts than it would gain from NIS mining rent. Serbia never paid for these penalties and this is the biggest gesture of goodwill from our Russian friends.

NIS pays 3% mining rent fee what is predicted with International Agreement of Serbia and Russia.

Source;Serbia Energy/Agencies