Serbia: New RES support scheme is in the making

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Speaking at the biogas-related energy conference in Belgrade, a representative of the Ministry of Mining and Energy Rastislav Kragic said that the current set of measures for inciting electricity production from renewable energy sources will expire at the end of the year, but the Ministry is already working on the new support scheme.

Kragic stressed that the most important thing is for incentive measures to create a positive climate for the development of the RES sector and that the intention is to keep the feed-in tariff system as long as possible. However, The Energy Community Secretariat has previously recommended that the new support scheme should not entirely rely on feed-in tariffs, but it should be more aligned with market principles in order to encourage competition in the RES sector.

Chairman of the Serbian Biogas Association Danko Vukovic said that current regulation, which increased the feed-in tariffs for biogas plants to 17.22 eurocents per kWh for 1 MW biogas plants, is financially very attractive to investors. Judging by the number of new projects.

The National Action Plan for Renewable Energy Sources envisages the construction of 30 MW in biogas plants by 2020. So far, 12 power plants have been built with around 13.5 MW of installed capacity. Seven of them, with a capacity of 5.7 MW, currently have a temporary status of privileged electricity producers.

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