Serbia: The new telecommunications system in the railway transport of the Nikola Tesla A TPP in Obrenovac

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Within the Serbian branch of the International Council on Large Electric Systems, CIGRE, Radoslav Korlat and Goran Stojadinovic presented a solution of a new telecommunications system in the Railway Transport of the Nikola Tesla A TPP in Obrenovac. The new system should support all existing and future services.

The existing central control system was installed at the beginning of the 70s of the last century, while its maintenance is extremely difficult due to the lack of spare parts. Outdated equipment does not cover the growing technical needs related to railway transport safety. Therefore, a new internet-based control system implementation project was initiated.

Subsidiaries of TENT have installed telephone exchanges necessary for internet telephony. Implementation of the new telecommunications system is also based on the existing equipment installed at TENT A, and a relevant unit maintaining this equipment.

The goal of the authors was to show the necessity of developing a new optical cable-based telecommunications system. Test connections of the new system have recently been commissioned and now it is already clear that quality of telephone connections has already increased, essential for transport security along the TENT’s railway transport tracks.

Furthermore, the selected technical solution is economically most profitable and what is more important, its implementation was quick and easy. In this way the foundations were laid for the development of modern information and communication technologies and support services necessary to facilitate the transport of coal to the Obrenovac thermal power plants, transmits