Serbia: NIS is destroying Serbian oil fields; It is using a method forbidden in the world, and this oil is disappearing and water is being polluted

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NIS is exploiting domestic oil fields in Serbia by using method which is not allowed in the world, and thus there is a real danger that in several years our country will be without its own oil reserves.

As “Blic” is informed, it is about so-called hydraulic fracturing, the system that has been applied by “Gazprom” since the privatization of the Serbian Oil Industry. This implies that the pumps which rapidly raise pressure are placed in boreholes, in order to extract larger amount of oil. Therefore, the domestic reserves are almost empty and there is a risk that in 2021 we run out of million tons of our own oil production, which is one third of the total consumption in the Serbian market.

“The consequences of such exploitation are immeasurable for the future generations as well because the entire borehole is blown away and the oil goes in all directions. In this way, beside we lose the oil, it enters the waterways”
All this was confirmed for ‘Blic’ by a group of discharged engineers from NIS, who require from the State to prevent the use of illegal methods because, in addition to rapid disappearance of domestic resources, it leads to uncontrolled environmental pollution.

– The consequences of such exploitation are immeasurable for the future generations as well because the entire borehole is blown away and the oil goes in all directions. In this way, beside we lose the oil, it enters the waterways and pollutes them, which is why this method is prohibited in all countries with oil deposits. But “Gazprom” and its management are not interested, because only the profit important for them and how to materialize the Serbian mineral resources as soon as possible – former NIS experts explain for our paper.

According to them, from 52 oil fields that the Russians took over, and from which we got about 700,000 liters of oil before privatization, two times more oil was pumped per year, even up to 1.3 million tons. The other story is that the exploitation was carried out under the cover of new oil fields explorations, and the state has to know about it. All in all, it is a great loss for the state, because the Russians have bought the golden goose for a little money, and also because mineral resources are consumed with rapid exploitation. Therefore, if the state does not protect its interests and oil resources and does not stop the illegal exploitation methods, it is very likely that for three to four years we will not have a drop of oil in our deposits. They are already fading out – former NIS experts warn.

They say that they have turned to the state because of these and many other irregularities even while still working in NIS.

– Instead of answer from the State we got fired by Kirill Kravchenko, a former director. All this “Gazpromneft” arrogance is paid by the citizens of Serbia, but the Serbian public is silent regarding this issue, because no one dares to say what is happening in NIS. After all, let state officials just walk along Vojvodina roads and fields where oil boreholes are located and they will see what kind of devastation has been made. It is necessary that people know that due to low mineral royalties, non-payment of export charges and irresponsible practice towards oil deposits NIS earns USD 500 per ton of oil in Serbia, while earnings in Russia are only USD 100. This destructive exploitation is carried out also due to the fact that it has been allowed by the regulation that the mining royalty is three percent instead of seven percent by 2023 – our interlocutors explain.

Inhabitants of Vojvodina, who also suffered great damage, confirm that the Russians rush to immediately destroy the Serbian oil and gas. Above all, it is about the devastated infrastructure and environment. Therefore, many of them addressed to NIS. The representatives of local communities Srpski Itebej, Novi Itebej and Banatsko Karadjordjevo in the municipality of Zitiste did the same.

– We have organized the protest when we blocked the oil fields with tractors, in order to force the people from NIS to compensate the damage caused by them. Something will never be rehabilitated. The worst thing is releasing suspicious substances around the district and local road. But all was in vain, because they claim that they have paid the mining royalty. According to all this, the idea is to take as much money out of here and forget us – representatives of the local communities have written to provincial and other state authorities.

NIS: We follow all standards

On the other hand, NIS says that they are socially responsible company that performs all its activities in accordance with defined standards.

– In the field of exploration and production of oil and gas, NIS performs everything in accordance with the prescribed conditions and in accordance with the highest environmental standards and rules that regulate safety at work. In Serbia NIS owns more than 50 oil and gas fields and the total achieved production volume of oil and gas in 2016, including Angola, amounted to 1.46 million tons – according to NIS.

Source: Blic daily