Serbia: NIS’ environmental projects investments

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According to the statement from Serbian oil company NIS, the medium-term investment plan, from 2021 to 2023, plans investments in the amount of 1.5 million euros only in projects with a direct environmental effect.

NIS has implemented a number of projects with direct and indirect environmental effects. The most significant and largest investments were in Pancevo oil refinery. The company has invested around 120 million euros in solely environmental projects since 2009. The best example is the Deep Processing Unit project, which was completed last year, and which, in addition to the effects on the production of liquid fuels, will have great environmental benefits through the reduction of harmful gas emissions. According to NIS, the cessation of the production of fuel oil with a high sulfur content means that the refinery will reduce the emission of sulfur oxides by 98.8 %, and the emission of particulate matter by 52.8 %, as well as nitrogen oxides by 9.8 %.

The construction of CHPP Pancevo is the largest and most important project at the moment. The new power plant will produce electricity and heat in a more environmentally friendly way – from natural gas. The project is realized in cooperation with Gazprom Energoholding and the plant should be commissioned by the end of the year. It will use natural gas as an energy source, and will produce thermal energy for the needs of Pancevo oil refinery. In addition, it will produce electricity that will be delivered to Serbian electricity system.

Since 2013, NIS has built small-scale power plants on oil and gas fields at eight locations in Serbia, in which heat and electricity are now produced from gas that was previously burned on a torch due to poor quality. These plants contribute to Serbia’s energy stability of our country, while at the same time achieving an important environmental benefit, which is the reduction of gas emissions.