Serbia, Novi Sad planning to use geothermal energy for heating

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Serbian oil company NIS published a tender for the preparation of a study of the use of geothermal potentials for the heating of Novi Sad.

As specified in the technical task, regarding the geothermal potential of the wells of Novi Sad and the environment, an analysis and a technical- economic assessment of the cost-effectiveness of the use of geothermal water for the production of heating energy needs to be done. The study is being prepared for the Novi Sad heating plant.

According to tender documentation, the location of the intake of the heating energy would be the existing heating plant facility, and in case the analysis proves that another location is more favorable, it will be considered. The supply of a maximum of 70 MW, 4,200 hours/year, is planned and the temperature of the water would be 50 degrees Celsius.

Earlier this month, Belgrade-based public heating utility Beogradske Elektrane launched a tender for the preparation of the study of the geothermal potential of the underground water resources in the territories of the heating plants and boiler rooms, eighteen in total, of the company.

Beogradske Elektrane plans, in line with the European tendencies toward creating a new generation of district heating systems without CO2 emissions, to save as much as possible on the consumption of the main energy sources in the coming period – natural gas and liquid fuel, electrical energy and raw and technological water, that is, to make the operations of the facilities and the distribution network as efficient and profitable as possible.