Serbia: Opening of new open pit coalmine in Kolubara basin next year

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By the end of the year, the assembly plot for the future open pit coalmine Radljevo and the northern bypass around the mine will be completed, thus creating preconditions for the mine to be opened in 2022, sad Acting Director of Serbian state-owned power utility EPS Milorad Grcic.

Grcic reminded that this project, which was first considered back in 1976, is very important for EPS and the Kolubara mining basin, because it ensures the extension of operational life of electricity generation facilities and guarantees secure and stable supply of electricity. He noted that the future Radljevo mine will be supplying coal to Nikola Tesla TPP complex, which produces about a half of Serbia’s electricity. Grcic added that the opening of the new coalmine will be a message to all lobbyists for coal phase-out that Serbia will not give up coal-based electricity generation. He said that coal-based electricity generation will remain at the same level, but due to the inclusion of production from renewable sources (wind, solar), the share of coal in total production will be decreased.