Serbia: Overhaul repair project in TENT TPP plant “Morava”

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In TPP “Morava”, which is part of the Company’s thermal power plant “Nikola Tesla” from Obrenovac, has begun work on the overhaul of the block. TPPs Nikola Tesla consist of 4 power plants and produce more than 50% of Serbian electricity.

In the overhaul will be invested more than 1, 88 MEUR. Repair will last 45 days and will be completed by the end of September, announced in that company.

“We will do the necessary tests in order to comprehend the need for a major overhaul in 2015th. The plan is to test steam lines, chambers of commerce, descended tubes and superheater tubes. We will also replace the damaged pipe in pipe system, perform thermal isolated and masonry works, repair the mills, canals and fans”, said the director of the thermal power plant Marija Stevanovic.

TPP “Morava” produced 369,948 megawatt-hours (MWh) of electricity from the beginning of the year, which filled plan with 76.12 percent.

The power plant has not worked 306 hours due to the coal lack from open -pit mines, at the technical minimum worked 904 hours, while in cold reserve was 337 hours.

Although the plan has not been fulfilled, “Morava” has contributed significantly to the stability of the power system, especially in the most difficult times of EPS during May floods.