Serbia: Power market and DSO level network fees, EPS DSO director Zeljko Markovic

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In Distribution the network fee is the same for all the customers in the public supply, since there is one company for the supply. As such, it has been included in the new price of the kilowatt-hour. However, in Serbia the market for the large customers has been opened at the beginning of the year, which does pay the network fee to the EMS, because they are supplied at high voltage.

Nevertheless, from the next year, the right on the public supply will lose the 4,000 customers at the medium voltage, so that the 36 percent of the electricity market is going to be open, where the price of the electricity is going to be disputable, and the network fee may be different due to the different distribution costs. From the beginning of 2015, when the household and small customers get right to choose their supplier, we can rely on the openness of the internal electricity market up to 45 percent. As for the network fee, AERS now recognizes the variety of costs to the Companies for the distribution, so that the largest cost is approved to the “Electro Serbia” and the lowest to the “Center” Company. The size of the consumer, the development of the ED and the distribution area that the company covers has the influence on the amount of the network fee.

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