Serbia: Power market, middle voltage consumers 3,200 customers from 1st January 2014 expecting deals with power traders

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Representatives of Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) said they are continuing with the opening of the market on medium voltage. According to the announcement, there will be 3,200 customers in the market from 1st January 2014, with a total of 8,500 measuring points.

Assistant Director for distribution in EPS Zeljko Markovic told reporters during a break in public debate about amending the Rules of Procedure of the distribution system, that there are 23 customers currently on the market.

He explained that the increase of customers means that the purchase and sale of electricity will be made in the market corresponding to a quarter of total electricity produced in Serbia.

Markovic said that elements will be adopted on the public hearing which will allow the free functioning of the market.

“We will have ‘consumption profiles’ provided on January 1st 2014, which will help suppliers to do business in the electricity market with their customers,” he said.

For all entrepreneurs entering the market, added Markovic, it is important that they enter into a contract with the selected supplier for the delivery of electricity until 31 December 2013, in order to avoid connection and power via ‘reserve power’ which is “far more expensive than the contracted power.”

Markovic expressed the hope that a unique distribution system will be created, in order to reach a uniform tariff for all participants in the market, adding that the Ministry of Energy is working on that issue.

Technical Project Manager for development of distribution network EPS, Dragoslav Cicovic, told reporters that Serbia, as a member of the energy community of Southeast Europe, has an obligation to issue a directive – Rules of Procedure of the distribution system, by which all the technical concerns in its work will be governed.

Cicovic has told to all future investors, operators of the distribution and transmission systems that wish to participate in the adoption of this bylaw, that they may do so on the website EPS.

Source; Serbia Energy/EPS

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