Serbia: Power utility company EPS and Swiss Alpiq joint electricity trading cooperation

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Swiss company Alpik central Europe will help EPS to trade with electricity  on the European market. Memorandum of Understanding between the two companies was signed on behalf of the Serbian government  Minister of Energy  Zorana Mihajlovic.

Mihajlovic said in the Serbian government that will be established good partnership between EPS and one of the three largest and leading European companies for the manufacture and trade of electricity – Alpik, which, as noted, is very important for power system of Serbia.

The Minister reminded that the electricity market in Serbia last year was opened at high voltage, this year at secondary voltage  and there is a possibility that from July, at low voltage, too.

Acting Director of EPS Aleksandar Obradovic said that EPS is awaiting the major changes and by the end of the year ,the last wave of liberalization in the electricity sector will be finished, which will enable every household, businesses and consumers in the territory of Serbia to choose their provider of electricity.

Cooperation with companies such as Alpik, according to him, will allow to  EPS to use their knowledge, contacts and market position, in order to get Serbian Elektorprivreda  well positioned in the regional market.

Source; Serbia Energy

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