Serbia: Power utility EPS still holds leading market share in electricity sales

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Company EPS Supply offered more favorable price to households which use electricity, which will allow them to save, as they say, 10, 87 EUR per month.

This is a special package, by which the electricity price is unique and it is not divided into zones and it amounts 0,077 EUR per kilowatt at the more expensive and 0,038 EUR at the cheaper rate, said the director of the company Zeljko Markovic on the Energy Fair.
This package, which households will be able to sign with EPS Supply from November, as he said, would be the most payable to households that consume more than 2,000 kilowatt-hours per month.

Markovic said that households would enter the liberalized market from January 1st next year and they could choose their electricity supplier on the free market.

According to EPS estimates, the consumer who consumes about 2,500 kilowatt hours and pays around 216 EUR per month, if he enters into the above mentioned commercial agreement with EPS Supply, he will have a monthly saving of about 10, 87 EUR, he said.
A uniform price for single tariff meters within this package is 0,068 EUR per kilowatt hour, said Markovic.

According to him, it is expected that about two to three percent of consumers sign such a contract with EPS Supply.

He also stated that EPS supply offered a commercial package also for small businesses, within which the electricity price is 0,071 EUR per kilowatt-hour in a higher rate and 0,038 EUR in a lower rate, and target group are the consumers with high power and low consumption.
Markovic expects that EPS supply retains more than 90 percent of the market in the third wave of the electricity market liberalization, which comes into force from the beginning of 2015th and noted that the company was the market leader at this moment since it retained about 97 percent of consumers during the first two phases of liberalization.

EPS supply succeeded, thanks to favorable electricity prices, concern for customers, balancing responsibilities, discounts offered to its customers, as it is the current discount within the Energy Fair for all which enter into a contract with that company by the end of October, he said.

This company, he added, has already contracted the agreement on the electricity supply in the next year with 15 percent of large customers, such as NIS, Post of Serbia, Lafarge…

AF: According to him, EPS Supply is the most successful company within EPS group, which this year plans the profit of 1, 54 billion EUR. As he pointed out, starting with January 2014th the company has managed to raise the payment of electricity bills from 86 percent to 93 percent in the public supply and the worst collection is within the reserve supply, within the consumers who temporarily supply with the power at a slightly higher price because they did not manage to conclude supply contracts on time with some of the electricity sellers. Markovic said that EPS Supply created a new electricity bill, which was clearer than the old one, and it would not be the RTV fee on it, which would create space for the new improvement of the account appearance at which, among other things, it would be also entered  the review of individual energy sources.