Bosnia: RES electricity generation facilities, 100MEUR invested so far

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Producers of energy from renewable sources in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina will soon sign contracts for the supply of energy produced from the newly formed provider for renewable and efficient cogeneration. Until now, manufacturers have signed contractsdirectly with the power companies, but after the adoption of new legislation in this area, FBiH Government adopted a decree on the operatorestablishment.

President of the Association of producers of renewable energy resources in BiH (APEOR) Emir Avdic said that price, after the Operatorformation, re-analyzed and adjusted. For producers, mostly small hydro, wind and solar power plants, which have contracts for 12 years, prices have remained the same, and for the rest, who have not such agreements, the prices have changed. Otherwise, the energy producers from renewable sources receive subsidiesfrom recently, and it is the amount that is collected from the end users. Every electricity consumer allocates 6 centsper year for incentives for renewable energy.

According to APEOR data,100 MEUR have been invested so far in renewable energy in BiH, while investors are domestic and foreign individuals and companies. After 30 yearsall built facilities become the state owned.

As Avdic said us, Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the few countries in Europe that has a comprehensive system of facilitiesconstruction for the energyproduction from renewable sources, which means that all parts are installed in electric power facilities produced in BiH. At the same time, the design and construction are also in BiH.

Currently 28 facilities for the energy production from renewable sourcesworkin BiH Federation, and 8 in RS, while another30 facilities is in the construction phase, and each of them cost about 1, 25 MEUR.