Serbia: Preconditions adopted, construction of wind farm Crni Vrh should start in 2021

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The construction of the wind farm Crni Vrh should start in early 2021, according to previous announcements.

The Bor City Council adopted a decision on the plan of the construction of a transmission line which is one of the preconditions for the construction of a Crni Vrh wind farm.

The statement from the City Council said that, under the investors’ regulation, it is necessary to connect the wind farm with the national electricity network and it is in the city’s interest to adopt the plans and complete the project as soon as possible, so that the construction of the wind farm could start in 2021. This is a very important project for the city of Bor, since it is the first such facility to be built in central Serbia. All of Serbia’s existing wind farms are located in the northern province of Vojvodina.

The area of the planned wind farm is located on the territory of three local governments: Bor, Majdanpek and Zagubica, while the drafting of a regulation plan for Zagubica municipality is currently ongoing. Out of 40 proposed wind turbines, 14 will be built on the territory of the city of Bor, 5 in Majdanpek municipality and 21 in Zagubica municipality. The project is developed by local company Crni Vrh Power. The cost of the construction of this 50 MW wind farm is estimated to some 100 million euros and is expected to start in 2021, upon obtaining all the necessary permits.