Serbia: Preparations for the opening of the mine Radljevo

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The expropriation process is progressing very well. In 2018, the beginning of work on the construction main roads in Murgaš settlement. Accent on procurement of mining equipment for new coal.

Estimating the year behind us, Vladimir Ivoš, Director of the Center for Professional Affairs PK “Radljevo” in its founding, says that in 2017 it was successful and that there was a lot of work done.
– Of course, the most important thing is that in mid-October, from the Ministry mining and energy we were granted permission to build mining facilities and performance of mining works according to the main mining project for PK Radljevo north”. The license is necessary for the smooth running of all the projects envisaged jobs,”says Ivoš, and reminds that this document is a crown to the past employees of the Center.

Completion of the collection of extensive documentation marks a new stage in the project of opening of the mine “Radljevo”, which will, after the start of coal production, additionally ensure the stability of coal and electricity generation.

Another important segment of the preparations for the opening of the mine is the realization of the expropriation process, which is progressing very well. So far, with some small problems that are solved, but are not an obstacle to the performance of mining works, about 300 hectares of land have been bought, which is enough for about five years of work (development of mining works). The expropriation process continues.

In the previous year, in the settlement Murgaš, the expropriation of the land area of ​​about five hectares was done for the needs of about 50 plots, which will be allocated to the inhabitants of the village of Radljevo. As Ivoš explains, there are already interests, many are asking and wanting to start building houses. Therefore, it is necessary in this year to make timely transfers of agricultural land building.

At the beginning of 2018, the tender procedure for the construction of the main street in the settlement Murgaš, about 1.3 kilometers long, was opened. It is expected that the contract will be signed in early March, and construction is planned for this year. The value of the works is about 90 million dinars, and it involves the creation of a complete road with infrastructure (water supply, sewage, power supply, lighting, telephone network).

A conceptual solution for a new kindergarten in the Murgaš settlement was also made, and now the project is under construction for obtaining a building permit.

Ivoš said that in 2017 an exploration drilling was completed at 61 wells in the northern part, where the start of excavation is planned. When all the studies are done, the image of the soil will be even more precise and clearer. At the end of October last year, the construction of a new three-stop shop, which is to replace the existing one, is at the very beginning of the coal mining front and it is necessary to relocate it. According to Miloš Jeremić, Technical Coordinator, the continuation of the construction of the new substation is planned for this year. The completion of the works depends on the weather conditions, and so far about 60% of construction works have been completed.
Speaking of the plans for 2018, our interlocutors point out the beginning of the construction of the road from the montage plot “Tamnava-Zapadnog field” to the corridor to which the belt conveyors will be slid.

In this year, minor works on the corridor are planned, since the delay of the “West Field” will not be over during the year, and until the depositor moves from the current position, all foreseen works in the corridor will not be completed (track conveyor, road pipelines, etc.). What can be done is bringing the route to the projected level and stabilization. For these works we will get the mechanization from the “Western Field”, that is, one EC and a bulldozer that will work on these jobs. Later, this mechanization will work on the repair of the open pit. After that, there will be movement of pipeline of drinkable and raw water for the supply of Kalenić, and later the relocation of the pipeline for pumping water from the Kladnica reservoir – said Ivoš.

Another job planned for this year is designing a road on the northern boundary of the dig. With the assurance that part of the road will be found on the front of the mining works, immediately after the start of the excavation it is necessary to make a new kopeck road located in the exploration zone of the mine.

It is also planned to build two wells lines with associated channels, pumps, pipelines for pre-watering of the mine, which will be done before the start of mining works. In 2018, preparation of tender documentation, and possibly contracting for the purchase of the new BTO system, is envisaged. Currently in progress are the solutions for the team that will lead these jobs.

The agreement is that parts of the equipment that can be transported to trucks are transported in this way, and the part that is unmanageable makes it bigger, water way to Belgrade or Pančevo. Upon receipt of equipment on mounting land of Tamnavski mines, it will be necessary for at least a year to be installed. It is to be expected that one excavator and one loader will be ready to work in 2019. Parallel with jobs around mining machinery, must also be worked on belt conveyors. It is certain that in the company in this business expert services “Metal” work, and it is necessary to speed up the procedure.

According to Vladimir Petković, deputy director of the Center, in 2017, arrangements were made with representatives of church authorities to relocate the church in Radljevo. In the village of Brgule, the location for the new church was selected. Currently, negotiations are underway to finalize the construction of a new church and sign a contract that will clearly define the upcoming steps.

For a stable and continuous excavation in the future, it is very important that all preparatory activities for the opening of the excavation, and in particular the expropriation process, plan and perform in time and in accordance with the planned terms.

The significance of the future mine “Radljevo” for “Kolubara” and the Serbian power company is very large, and the production of coal from the new coal will significantly contribute to the currently active

Ivoš emphasizes excellent cooperation with the representatives of the municipality of Ub. The expert services of the municipality have implemented a number of tasks based on cooperation agreements with PE EPS and branch of RB “Kolubara” in the field of solving all communal problems, and due to the future population inflow into the urban central zone Uba.

The construction of the former solidarity building, which has changed its purpose, has now been completed, now there are public services, utilities and social services. Within that agreement, the tasks for expansion of the sewer pipes and solving of municipal problems related to the urban settlement Murgash are envisaged among the tasks for which the municipal services are in charge.