Serbia: Russian Siloviye Mashiny to upgrade HPP Djerdap 2

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Serbian state-owned power utility EPS and Rus-sian company Siloviye Mashiny have signed an agreement on the modernization of hydropower plant Djerdap 2 that will also increase its installed capacity.

Serbian Minister of Mining and Energy Aleksandar Antic reminded that no major overhaul at HPP Djerdap 2 was performed since it entered opera-tion, adding that these works will increase the plant‘s output from 270 to 320 MW and extend its operational life by 30 years.

In late 2017, EPS announced its plans to rehabili-tate all ten units at HPP Djerdap 2 in the next ten years. Acting Director of EPS Milorad Grcic said that the company plans to rehabilitate one unit per year in the next ten years and increase their capacity from 27 to 32 MW. Therefore, the in-stalled capacity of the entire plant will increase by 50 MW in ten years. He noted that this investment is significant because hydropower plants produce ―green‖ energy, are easier to maintain and have lower electricity production cost.

Siloviye Mashiny is already participating in the modernization of HPP Djerdap 1, which started in 2009 and should be completed in 2021. Last year, the two companies agreed on the revitalization of the last two units at the plant – A2 and A3. Units A1, A4, A5 and A6 have already been upgraded, thus increasing HPP Djerdap 1 output by 60 MW. Djerdap HPP complex is located on the Danube river and was jointly built by Serbia and Romania. HPP Djerdap 1 has been introduced into system in 1972. It has six units, with total capacity of 1,203 MW. Both HPPs are run-of-the-river type. HPP Djerdap 2 has been introduced into system in 1987. It has ten 27 MW generators, with total out-put of 270 MW. Around 70 % of electricity from hydro power plants in Serbia is produced by these two HPPs.

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