Serbia: Serbian power utility EPS obtained 15 locations from Ministry of energy tender, investments into RES kwh

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From the day of signing the memorandum, the deadline of six month period has been determined, in which time EPS should provide the necessary acts in order to obtain energy permit, i.e. consent. – The time for preparation of technical documentation is extremely short.

At the recently ended public invitation for 317 locations for small hydro power plants construction, which was announced by the Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection, “The Electric Power Industry of Serbia” applied for 45 locations, out of which the Evaluation Committee suggested the signing of the triple Memorandum of understanding for 15 locations. T

he Memorandums were signed on July 22nd and 23 rd among the Ministry, EPS and municipalities, and in the name of EPS the memorandums were signed by Miloš Stojanović, the director of Department of EPS for Strategy and Investments. It refers to locations for small HPPs: Sokolovac, Bovan, Karadže, Svođe, Staro Selo, Lajkovica,Seljašnica, Beloljin, Ravni, Đedovac, Lazin Breg, Mašovići and Tigar, while for two locations – Mala Vrla 1 and Jezero- EPS already has the documentation. As  Darko Nikolić, the leading engineer for planning the development of HPP from the Department of EPS for Strategy and Investments says, the deadline of six month period was also determined in which time EPS should provide the necessary acts in order to obtain an energy permit, i.e. consent . It is necessary to submit the General Design with the Pre-feasibility Study.

– Time for preparing the technical documentation is extremely short, and it is necessary to make 13 General designs with the  Pre-feasibility Study,  because it has already been done for the small HPPs “Mala Vrla 1” and “Jezero”. The management of PE EPS has decided that the development of the projects for the obtained locations should be carried out in two phases. The first phase includes the analysis of options to utilize hydro potential for the small HPPs on the locations assigned to EPS- says Mr. Nikolić.

The analysis should be done from the perspective of possible technical solutions and possibilities of solving property and legal relations on the land, in order to provide a necessary background for the preparation of technical documentation for some of the small HPPs. In this way, we will save the time, because in the second phase the technical documentation will be elaborated only for those locations which would be in the first phase proved as real and possible. Our interlocutor points out that in the second phase, the General design with Prefeasibility study would ensue, which is one of the main documents necessary for obtaining the energy permit.

Elaboration of all the variants

In the second phase, the optimal technical solution for the construction of the selected HPPs shall be chosen. As our interlocutor says, it is necessary to elaborate the variants up to the level of the General Project and to suggest the best solution on the basis of technical and economic parameters.

Signed Memorandums

The triple memorandums of understanding among the representatives of the municipalities of Ivanjica and Arilje and investors that on the public tender obtained the locations for the construction of small HPPs in Serbia, were signed on July 22nd and 23rd. In Ivanjica, the memorandums were signed with 28 potential investors for the construction of 49 small HPPs on the territory of this municipality. Nine investors signed the memorandum in Arilje, and the construction of 11 HPPs is envisaged.

Source; EPS Kwh

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