Serbia should reduce energy waste

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Serbia is a great waster of energy because it consumes 2.5 to 5 times more energy per unit of newly created value, which is why a law on efficient energy usage is needed, it was said at the parliament on Thursday during the presentation of the bill.

Minister of Energy Zorana Mihajlovic said in the parliament that increasing energy efficiency was one of the biggest priorities of Serbia’s energy sector in order to reduce the import of fuel that costs EUR 2 billion a year.

The bill involves setting up a system of organized energy management, that is the introduction of energy managers in local governments with the population exceeding 20,000 and with large energy consumers in the public sector, which should cover 70 percent of the primary energy in Serbia.

The law will include the industry, public sector, services, households, transport, that is production, transport and distribution of energy, as well as the importers and sellers of products that affect energy consumption and owners of boilers with the power above 20 kW.

The parliament also discussed the bill on a long-term agreement on gas deliveries from Russia, which Mihajlovic described as an umbrella agreement on gas deliveries, like the ones other countries of Southeast Europe have.

The agreement does not state the quantity or price at which Serbia can get gas from Russia, she stated, adding that the quantity will depend on the needs for each year, and it was agreed that this year it should be 1.5 billion cubic metres of gas.

Source Tanjug