Serbia: Srbijagas restructuring under EU pressure

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As announced the Minister of Energy and Mining Aleksandar Antic, the Government should adopt a plan for restructuring the public enterprise Srbijagas at the next session. Antic explained that the plan defined Srbijagas as a vertically integrated company with separate ownership structure for different functions, which would contribute to greater efficiency of the company.

The Minister said that Srbijagas would supply only the companies that pay for the supplied gas, adding that the Government was working to ensure a sustainable model of companies functioning in the chemical sector which were faced with the problem of debt payments for gas.
“We are very close to the model of gas supply for chemical complex, which will enable its functioning, but not at the Srbijagas expense anymore”, said Antic.

In agreement with Petrohemija for 2015th and 2016th the Government has failed to provide 50 million cubic meters of gas for this public enterprise at a price of 280 dollars per 1,000 cubic meters.
“This will cover about 60 percent of annual needs of the company, and the gas will be made at a price that was 40 percent lower than the price paid at this time”, said Antic.

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