Serbia: Terms and conditions for attracting direct investments

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In late December 2016, the Government of Serbia passed the new Decree on Terms and Conditions for Attracting Direct Investments. The Decree supplements the Law on Investments (2015), regulating in finer detail criteria, conditions and means of attracting direct investments, in particular granting of State incentive funds for investment projects.

In Serbia, the State investment support structure is made up of the following entities:

• Ministry of Economy
• Council for Economic Development
• Development Agency of Serbia (RAS)
• Autonomous Provinces
• Local municipalities (including Units for Local Economic Development and Investment Support as dual development/investment support operational units of Autonomous Provinces and local municipalities


Incentive funds can be used for financing investment projects in:

• manufacturing sector
• services sector (that may involve international trade in services)
Incentive funds cannot be used for financing investment projects in the following sectors:
• Energy
• Coal and Steel
• Airports
• Traffic
• Trade
• Public utilities
• Hospitality
• Software development
• Games of chance
• Tobacco
• Synthetic fibres

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