Serbia: The new director of the EPS after the formation of government

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Zorana Mihajlovic energy minister announced that immediately after the formation of the future government will appoint a new General Director of Public Enterprise Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS), based on the conducted competition.

“The competition is very actual and commission do its job, but we as a technical government do not have any right neither to place general managers, nor to replace general directors, but acting directors only ”  she said after the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding EPS and the Swiss company for the production and trade of electricity Alpiq Central Europe Ltd.

Mihajlovic emphasized ,  after elections on 16 March and forming the new government, in a very short period of time will be appointed Managing Director of EPS, on a competitive basis and work carried out by Commission of the Government of Serbia.

Appointment of the General Director of EPS with a full mandate was pending from July 2013 when was closed and completed upon receiving applications on the competition for the top position in this public company.

About 80 candidates  have entered the competition  and from the Government it was announced that the Director would have been appointed by September last year.

According to the decision of the Government of Serbia, the mandate of the Acting Director of EPS Aleksandar Obradovic, who is the head of this public company from 6th September 2012 is extended as from today.

Source; Serbia energy


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