Republika Srpska: TPP Ugljevik for the first two months, the production plan exceeded

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Coal mine and power plant / TPP / “Ugljevik” continued the positive trend of production made ​​in the first two months of this year, achieving results that exceed planned, said the executive director of the technical issues in the electricity giant of Srpska, Dragan Miljanovic.

“From this production facility at the time in the power system of the Republic of Srpska was delivered 303.2 million megawatt-hours of electricity, which is 104 percent of the plan,” says Miljanovic.

He notes that the thermal power plant follows the good results in the mine, where during the first two months it was produced 264 540 tons of coal or 109 percent of the plan, and 1,774,987 cubic meters of solid overburden, or 161 percent compared to the planned production.

In TPP preparation for the regular annual overhaul of power plant are according the plan, which is scheduled from 1 April to 10 May.

“The selection and contracting of most of the equipment suppliers and contractors are completed. This is a regular annual overhaul in which planned operations are done with a goal to raise operational readiness and unit capacity over the next year, “says Miljanovic.

He added that this year’s regular overhaul will serve for a full insight into the plant power TTP and for making a plan for capital repairs, which will follow in 2015.

One of the major interventions in the capital repair will be the reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators, and in the past month measurement modes were carried out, which would serve as the basis for drafting the tender documents for the reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators.

Miljanovic pointed out that the thermal power plant work in 2014 was reliable, which is best seen in the actual physical production indicators. “Along with that we take care of the purchase of new machinery and equipment, and it should be noted that the mine agreed purchase of a large grader, and preparations for the tender for the purchase of three bulldozers, two excavators and four trucks are in progress. We are seriously working on preparations for the implementation of the project desulfurization of flue gases from power plants Ugljevik “says Miljanovic.

He recalls that an international pre-qualification process to select the best potential contractors on the project has been completed, adding that by the end of the year, following the announcement of an international tender by the strict procedures dictated by a Japanese lender, should be chosen contractor to desulphurization and with him signed contract.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk

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