Serbia, The price of gas will be calculated according to the oil formula

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According to her, the oil formula means that we will not pay the price of gas that is current on gas exchanges.

“The oil formula means that the price of oil is monitored and that in the current section, when the price of gas is determined, the price from nine months ago is taken. That is what is basically good to change and there are no big fluctuations because in a few days it can the price jumps, this is how an earlier price is taken “, explained Jelica Putniković as a guest in the RTS Daily.

As he says, you should also keep in mind the exchange rate differences because the price of oil is calculated in dollars, so that also affects the price.

When it comes to additional quantities of gas, Putniković hopes that the more favorable price will also apply to those deliveries.

The agreed storage of gas in Hungary can help because, as he says, it means that we can calmly wait for winter.

“We don’t just mean the cold in winter. If we have additional gas in a friendly country, we will have a safely filled warehouse in Banatski Dvor, then we are ready for some additional situations, to calmly wait for winter and the economy not to worry,” said the editor of the portal “Energija Balkana”.

He adds that, when we talk about gas, Serbia’s position is excellent.

“Bulgarians said they would not stop transit through the Balkans, I believe we will get additional quantities for the winter. We are in a better situation here because there are problems with supply through Poland. European warehouses are almost empty, they started filling them and the question is how much it was certain that we would get enough quantities if we relied on the gas pipeline through Ukraine “, notes Jelica Putniković.

In order to be completely energy secure, it is necessary, he notes, to complete the expansion of the warehouse in Banatski dvor and to build new warehouses.

“I believe that we will work on it quickly. The warehouses provide security, but also an arrangement like Hungary has now with Serbia – to earn something from storage,” our interlocutor points out.

Speaking about liquefied petroleum gas as an alternative, Putnikovic states that there are now attempts to make agreements, but that it is not enough to replace Russian gas by the coming winter.

“Current consumption should be agreed and warehouses should be filled. I think they will have to put the ball down (European politicians, ed.), The economy should work, the recession has already begun, economists point out that without gas the economy would stop,” Jelica emphasizes. Putnikovic.

He doubts that, he says, Hungary and Viktor Orbán will give in to their demands.

Orban is taking care of his economy, he will not allow the energy crisis to spill over from Europe to Hungary and make it impossible for the economy to work. I think it is good that Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and even Bulgaria do not want to be a collateral damage embargo countries that have no alternative to being the victim of a political agreement in Brussels “, points out the editor of the”Energija Balkana”portal, RTS reports

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