Serbia: TPP Nikola Tesla A reliable power producer within the EPS power utility

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Season of overhauls in TPPNT A (thermal power plant Nikola Tesla A) started some time ago, and standard overhauls on all power units will be performed this year.

Savo Bezmarević, the newly appointed director of TPPNT A, who came to this position at the beginning of May, by the decision of the Executive Board of “Electric Power Industry of Serbia”, started his working career in this thermal power plant in 2000, at the time when the revitalization and rehabilitation of TPPNT’s plants began. Period of “rejuvenation” of the power units in TPPNT A, where the largest installed capacity of the “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” is located, for a young mechanical engineer was a good school for improving his knowledge and gaining experience.

– When I came to this power plant, it already had thirty years of successful work behind. I started to work in the period when large reconstructions on the power units in this branch began. From 2002 to 2015 TPPNT A was practically one big construction site. It helped me a lot in my professional training because every engineer who has participated in these reconstructions over the past ten years and more has learned much more than he would for an entire lifetime in a normal service in a power plant. – says Savo Bezmarević.

We can say that Mr. Bezmarević ” passed his thesis”, on February 4th this year at 21:27, when the power unit TPPNT A3 was synchronized with the electrical grid of Serbia. It was also the crown of all the works successfully performed during the 218 days, when two thirds of the equipment was replaced on the power unit and built in a several new and more modern devices. It is one of the most important projects, worth about 78 million euros.

– Overhaul procedures, carried out on the power unit A3 last year, by their scope, when everything is taken into account, were perhaps the greatest of all previous overhauls on the TPPNT A plants. Several large and extensive procedures were implemented on this power unit. A new turbine with increased power was built in, as well as a new corset generator, extensive works on the boiler piping system were done, and an electrofilter plant and new “NOx” burners were built – explained Mr. Bezmarević. – It can be seen by the stable work of the power unit, after the overhaul, that the works were successfully completed. It is, of course, a mutual result of all the people from more than 30 national and foreign companies and equipment suppliers that participated in this project, including all employees of TPPNT A. Power unit A3   works steadily and commercially produces electricity in accordance with the requirements of dispatchers.

Season of overhauls in TPPNT A has largely started, and this year’s standard overhauls on all power units will be carried out.

– The first overhaul was performed on the power unit A4, which lasted 30 days during May, and standard overhaul works on power units A1 and A6 were performed in June – our source points out. – On  August 15th an extended overhaul of 60 days will start on the power unit A5, on which, when it comes to larger operations, the implementation of the reduction of nitrogen oxides will be continued, within which the second row OFA channels on the boiler will be done. Only the major overhaul of the power unit A2 will be done this year, on which the works will begin on July 1st and they will last for 120 days. On A2 the major overhaul of turbine, sealing of the boiler plant’s false ceiling will be done and a part of the pipe system on the boiler plant will be replaced. Power unit A3, on which extensive overhaul procedures were made last year will be in a shorter overhaul for three weeks which will start immediately after the completion of the overhaul of A5. Within the so-called technical care of A3 a new power unit transformer (400 MVA) will be built, which was delivered in TPPNT A in early June from the “Siemens” factory in Zagreb (“Končar- Power Transformers”).

Power units А1 and А2 are celebrating their 45th anniversary of successful work and for them it can be said that they finished their lifetime, but there is an opinion in TPPNT that it is justified to prolong their life by certain investments.

– With a huge revitalization on all major devices the service life of these power units can be extended, and it requires much less money than building a new capacity. On the other hand, it should be born in mind that these power units heat Obrenovac, and that they would be an important link, among other plants, in the project of Belgrade heating, if it comes to life – thinks Savo Bezmarević

With 1,750 megawatts of installed capacity, TPPNT A makes about 30 percent of the capacity of EPS and, according to that power, the importance of this power plant on the energy map of Serbia is reflected. Assessing the work of the TPP, Mr. Bezmarević said that the goal is to operate with the highest reliability coefficients, maximum energy efficiency, most optimally as possible and with the lowest consumption of liquid fuels.

– This power plant has improved its result of its operations since 2002 until today after all these revitalizations, there are no more frequent failures and unnecessary downtime. It has become really reliable in its work, but it can always be better and we will try to make it happen in the following period – concluded Mr. Bezmarević.


During the first half of this year, the operation of plants of this branch was marked by the power unit A2, which set an absolute record in continuous operation in relation to all other power units of TENT A.

– “Number 2” was in continuous operation on the network for 194 days, from October 22 th   2014 to May 4th 2015, which is really a remarkable result. We should add the fact that since the first synchronization until that date this plant spent in total 300,007 hours of work on the network and during that time it produced and delivered 49,240 billion kilowatt-hours. It is a really great result for this power unit after so many years of work and without any significant revitalization – Mr. Bezmarević points out. , transmits