Bulgaria: Increased electricity export in 1H2015

, SEE Energy News

By 20.33% y/y increased the power production from RES between January 1 and July 5, 2015, reads data of the ESO (Electricity System Operator). Thus the legal amendments that put an end to the subsidizing of RES do not seem to have affected the sector in H1’15.

Big wind farms made 25.22% more electricity and the big photovoltaics – 7.03% more. For the smaller producers the increase was respectively by 30.11% and 8.28%. The power production from biomass hiked by 200.14%. The huge growth rate, however, is due to last year’s low production and fewer power capacities. Biomass still holds a small share in power production.

WPPs made 74.03% more electricity than in H1’14 because of the rains and the full dam lakes. The baseload power production (NPP and TPPs) grew by 0.8%.

In total the power made in Bulgaria for H1’15 is 9.04% up y/y and the consumption is 3.29% higher y/y.

However, the number is more than 10 times bigger regarding exports. Bulgaria exported 36% more electricity in H1’15 compared to the same period a year ago.

Bulgaria’s electricity export in the summer goes mainly to Greece and Turkey. Despite the crisis there is no decrease in the export to Greece over the past few weeks. On July 9 the export load to Bulgaria’s southern neighbor was 421-542 MW in different hours. The export load to Macedonia was 374-504 MW and to Serbia it was 265-394 MW. The export load to Turkey was 469-760 MW. The ESO, however, explained the electricity directed to Turkey goes to Greece. Thus the load to Greece in recent days is 700 MW. On July 9 the Romanian electricity going through Bulgaria was 122-400 MW. , transmits Serbia-energy.eu