Serbia: TPP TENT 80MEUR project, increase of turbine power and preps for NOx and ECP project

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Probationary synchronization of the block TENT A-3 to the grid of electric power system of Serbia was successfully completed in 2015. This officially represented the end of extensive work initiated on 1 July 2014. After little more than seven months of comprehensive operations on the revitalization of this energy plant, in which its two-thirds of the equipment was replaced, “A3” came out reinforced with additional 23 megawatts, from 305 MW to 328.4 MW. Revitalization of this block extended its operational life, increased its reliability, as well its energy efficiency.

According to the words of Sava Bezmarevic, the chief production engineer in TENT A and chief of commissioning team, a new turbine was also built in this block, with increased level of utility and increased power. The turbine is designed to operate in the district heating mode as well, so it could be used for heating of Obrenovac in the future. During the operations on the revitalization of the block TENT A-3, a corset generator was replaced, a new version of Siemens control system, the T-3000, was implemented, and 800 tons of pipes of the boiler piping system was replaced, thus enabling its reliable operation in the future period.

-In the next two months, what follows is the optimization of all newly installed systems, and at the end, the warranty tests are planned to be done. We expect that, after that, the block will work exceptionally reliably, as was envisioned by the project, said Savo Bezmarević.

By working on its revitalization two environmental projects have been implemented as well, thus creating the conditions for the reduction of negative environmental impact. The reconstruction of electrostatic facility and the replacement of NOx coal burner in the boiler facility, will lead to the reduction of emissions of particulate matter below 50 milligrams per normal cubic meter, and nitrogen oxide emissions to 200 milligrams per normal cubic meter, which is in line with European standards. This is the third block on the location of TENT A whose power was increased after the revitalization.

In this project, worth around 80 million euros, participated more than 30 domestic and foreign companies.