Serbia: TPP TENT overhaul of unit A3, the report

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By dismantling the boiler pipe system, thermo isolation and a refractory construction, the revitalization and overhaul of unit A3 “Nikola Tesla A” officially has begun on July 1st, the most important work realized this year in the Subsidiary TENT Obrenovac. Serious and extensive works on this unit will last 180 days, with the participation of thirty domestic and foreign companies. The total value of the project for which funds jointly provided “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” and TENT is around 80 MEUR. Reminding that this revitalization works on the unit TENT A3 have been divided into nine lots, Sveto Dobrijevic, manager of LOT 1-6 and 9, put emphasis on the project start.

Within the LOT-1 are planned interventions in the boiler pipe system, worth near10 MEUR. We are expected replacement of ECO 1 and 2 (235t), replacement of part of superheater 3 (30t) and the replacement of superheater 5 (114T), then replacement of MP1 with oats (150 t) and MP2 (75t), and replacement of input and output chambers ECO 1 and 2, the input and output chamber MP1 and output chamber MP2- said Dobrijevic. – Works that started flow by predicted dynamics, and for now there are not major problems. Despite the difficulties that the May flood has brought, it is created a positive climate. Employees in TENT, PRO TENT and constructing comap0nies, encouraged by the colleagues’ solidarity from abroad, have united around a common goal- to complete revitalization and repair of unit A3 quality, on time and in the financial framework.

Upon project completion, the new kilowatt hours of unit TENT A3 should flow at the end of December this year. In addition to the work life extension, the increase of reliability and energy effectiveness in the operation and reduction of the negative impact on the environment, the “Troika” will come out of the repair much stronger with additional 23 MW (from the current 305 to 328, 4 MW). It will be the third unit with increased power in the largest power factory in the Balkans, which is very important for domestic electric power industry, as there are not new capacities in Serbia.