Serbia: TPP TENT records positive financial result in 2013, electricity production as planed

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Thermal Power Plants Nikola Tesla will achieve 99.7% electricity generation plan in 2013, and most likely this fiscal year will round up with a positive financial result, unlike in 2012, when it was in the minus. This was stated in an expanded meeting of the Technical collegium chaired by Cedomir Ponocko, director of TENT). TPP TENT, Thermal Power Plants Nikola Tesla company consist of 4 power plants TENT A, TENT B, Kolubara TPP and Morava TPP. TENT power plants produce more than 50% of serbian electricity.

Directors of branches of TENT reported on the current operating status, as well as on carried coal and coal reserves in landfills. Mihailo Nikolic, director of TENT A and Goran Lukic, director of TENT B said that all plants are available on the network in Obrenovac power plants. In the TENT A, blocks A2 and A4, fulfilled the annual production plan and by the end of December (or calendar year) a monthly record of all times could be knocked down. It is similar in the power plant in Usce, which will, with fulfillment of the annual plan, probably break the annual production record. After some difficulties in operation were noticed at block TENT B2, it is proposed to form a Commission which will consider the heating place in an active part of the stator of generator B2. In the Commission, in addition to experts of EPS and TENT, should be the Institut Belgrade Nikola Tesla and Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

In TPP Kolubara in Veliki Crljeni, blocks A1 and A3 are in operation, A5 is temporarily absent, and it returns to the network tomorrow, while the start of block A2, due to problems with the bearings for the turbine, was extended to 25 January of 2014. According to the director Radoslav Milanovic, the oldest power plant of EPS exceeded this year’s production plan by 17%. TPP Morava in Svilajnac, after 90 days of continuous operation, will be turned off 31.12.2013 and again it will be back in operation 08.01.2014. after completion of care. This smallest power plant of TENT was supposed to fulfill the production plan for 2013, announced CEO Marija Stevanovic. As Nikola Tomic explained, director ZT TENT, available coal reserves are slightly above the expected balance at the moment.

Among the important investment projects in 2014, Miroslav Saric, Director of improving the system, singled out the desulfurization project on blocks A3 and A6 in TENT A (for which a large tender has recently been completed), and for Nikola Tesla B (which has already started with the preparation of technical documentation). In addition, Tomasevic added, wastewater treatment projects will begin, first in TENT B, and then in TENT A. The largest construction site in the future will be TPP Nikola Tesla A, where major overhaul of block A3 (6 months) and serious interventions in block A1 are intended.

Source; Serbia Energy / TENT

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