Serbia: TPP TENT, Revitalization in TENT A3 works go on schedule

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Three months after the implementation of the revitalization project of unit TENT A 3, all planned works, with minor corrections, take place in accordance with the established plan, and delays in the delivery of certain equipment will not jeopardize the implementation of the key project parts. TPP Nikola Tesla Power plants are the biggest serbian electricity producer.

In the last 90 days of total of 180 days, how long is planned to last for reconstruction works on this unit, at ” the third” have been carried out all planned dismantling works, made ​​preparations for the equipment installation on all planned positions, and also started the prefabricated works on new positions.

– Although this complex and extensive work is accompanied by certain problems, the planned works are progressing at satisfactory manner and the current favorable weather conditions can assist in the implementation – said Mr. Cedomir Ponocko, director of TENT.

As pointed out Sveto Dobrijevic, project manager of revitalization of unit TENT A 3, the project is “at half way” and they are satisfied with the current level of implementation of the works on this unit.

– On the other hand, we have never had a project with such a complex and demanding parts, where is necessary to implement two environmental projects during the stipulated term plan – the reconstruction of electrostatic plants for reduction of particulates emissions and replacement of NOx burner to reduce nitrogen oxides. The project envisages incorporating the completely new turbine with increased power and a new corset generator for the first time – said Dobrijevic. – Despite a late tackle I believe that the established deadline will be respected by December 28th with the increased engagement and a better organization, when it should be done first synchronization of this unit to the network. In the recent period, there have been a small number of relatively minor injuries, indicating that the observed norms provided by the safety and health of employees at work.

The value of the revitalization project of unit TENT A 3 is 80MEUR, and the funds were provided by EPS and TENT, while the implementation includes more than 30 domestic and foreign companies.

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