Serbia: Wind farm Kovacica is going to be extended

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So far, the municipality of Kovacica had an annual income of some 500,000 euros a year from the wind farm, and it is expected that, with the construction of the expansion dubbed Pupin wind farm, it will reach almost one million euros annually.

President of Kovacica Municipality Jaroslav Hrubik and Director of local subsidiary of Israeli company Enlight Renewable Energy, which operates Kovacica wind farm, Milos Colic have signed an agreement on the expansion of the wind farm.

After signing the agreement on the business-technical cooperation and continuation of expansion of Kovacica wind farm with new wind turbines, Hrubik pointed out that the new investment was of remarkable importance, among other things, because of the employment of more workers from the municipality. It will also increase the budget inflow for the municipality.

In May, Enlight Renewable Energy said that it is planning to build another wind farm in the same area as its existing facility. It is envisaged that the wind farm will have 31 wind turbines, each with an individual output of about 7 MW and a transformer station. The maximum height of the wind turbine with the blade in the upper position is about 230 m, while the total installed capacity of the wind farm is up to 220 MW.

In September 2017, Enlight Renewable Energy took over the project for the construction of 104.5 MW Kovacica wind farm. The total worth of the project is 189 million euros, loans will cover 142 million euros, while the rest will be provided by Enlight itself. In November same year, the company announced that it has signed an agreement with General Electric (GE) Renewable Energy on the delivery of 38 wind turbines. GE Renewable Energy will deliver 38 model 2.75-120 wind turbines, which are 110 meters high, ideal for mid-range winds in this part of Serbia. The two companies have also signed a 15-year full service agreement for Kovacica wind farm. The wind farm was officially commissioned in September 2019.