Serbia:EPS builds wind park in Kostolac in 2014, new RES locations assessment in progress

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“Serbia Power Utility Company” (EPS) announced the start of wind park construction in Kostolac in 2013. EPS expects completed feasibility study in 2014.

– These days the contract will be signed with the consultant for the Preliminary Feasibility Study with general plan which should be completed and reviewed by the middle of 2014, and then would be commissioned the designing project with the feasibility study.

Both steps are necessary for regulation in this area and EPS procedures. Power should be around 30 MW and annual production of about 93 million kilowatt-hours. There is an interest of KfW Bank, which is supported by EPS, to fund that project – said in EPS.

The construction start is now delayed for 2017. and its completion for the end of 2017. or for the beginning of 2018.

In the EPS stated that they planed researches of new potential locations and discussed possible joint investments, and that specific agreements with partners were expected by the end of 2013.

Source; Serbia Energy/EPS


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