Serbia:Serbian wind developers warned Ministry of Energy that five wind parks had no valid construction permits

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From the total quota of 500 MW, which was approved for the wind parks, at least 36 MW is occupied in projects with construction permits that are not valid. Five wind parks in Zajecar and Tutin, stated SEWEA spokesman (Serbian wind developers association).

SEWEA PR Ana Brnabic said that construction permits for the wind parks issues the Ministry of Construction, while for Vojvodina region it should be addressed to the Provincial Secretary of urbanism.

– For the wind parks Vrska Cuka 1, 2, 3 and 4 in Zajecar the permits issued local governments, although it is opposite to the Law on planning and construction. On the basis on that non valid document, they got provisional status of preferential electricity producer. Our association indicated on that problem and the Ministry of Construction made a decision on these construction permits abolishment in March 2013. This decision we sent to the Ministry of Energy, but that PPP status is not still taken from them- explains Brnabic .

SEWEA representative said that for wind park “Dervec 1” in Tutin, the local government issued the construction permit.

– We indicated on that to the Ministry, but we do not have time to pass again through the whole process for taking their permit. We thought that relevant authorities would take that. If someone succeeded in avoiding Law on planning and construction and getting non valid permit, that it should be checked through the application for provisional status of preferential producer.

Source; Serbia Energy/SEWEA


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