Serbia:EPS old depts action marks positive impact

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Serbian power utility company has large uncollected depts from households consumers, however started the positive campaign for depts reprogramming. EPS most recent action for reprogramming of old debts for electricity which is possible on even 120 rates, EPC CEO Aleksandar Obradovic explained that it was expected that EPS would cover all unpaid debts at the end of the most recent rescheduling.

The aim is to charge all old debts within the last reprogramming with favorable conditions and to round the process, he said, adding that the consumed electricity must be paid and that the people who would not pay, would not even have electricity.

The previous management tolerated disintegration of EPS property and debts which were grown up to the “astronomical amounts” in some households and businesses, although it is a small number of consumers, Obradovic said, adding that also in the future EPS will continue to invest in relations with customers who regularly pay their bills.

Source; Serbia Energy/EPS

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