Serbian copper company Bor, equipment for new factory of sulfur acid being erected

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Heat exchanger for new factory of sulfur acid was dispatched today from Prahovo Port. It was produced in India and 82.600 kg weigh. This is the last big individual part of equipment for new foundry and sulfur acid factory of Mining and Smelting Basin Bor.

While work on construction yard of new foundry is being done smoothly, work on the object “7.400” of sulfur acid factory is even higher dynamics than it was planned. The last big part of equipment was waiting in Prahovo Port for several days because of administrative issues during the measuring the burden’s weight.

-We solved the problem of weight measuring in Prahovo Port right away and heat exchanger with set off with special truck (88 tons total amount) to Bor in order to be set by already installed exchanger on sulfur acid factory construction yard. 93% of equipment arrived on construction yard so far. Electric equipment and pipeline bonding parts will arrive in the next couple of days so there are no exceptions of planned dynamics- Milinko Zivkovic, Deputy Managing Director of investments for MSB Bor, says.

“Energoprojekt” workers use the time, required for heat exchanger to come in Bor from Prahovo, to prepare a field for two big reservoirs with volume of 6 thousand cubic meters for strong acid and when heat exchanger arrives to construction yard, it will be set next to already installed (bigger) heat exchanger.

Source Timocke Vesti