Serbian Government supports the construction of new power plant Kolubara B, JV of Edison and EPS co-financed by EBRD

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Government of Serbia will support Italian company Edison and Electric power of Serbia in their joint venture project of construction and management of thermal power plant Kolubara B in location of Lazarevac municipality, says EPS in their statement.

As it was said to Serbia-Energy the Serbian Government Prime Minister will deliver the support letter on 3rd of may to companies which will form a joint venture for this project including the financial supporter of this project, the EBRD.

Thermal lignite coal power plant of net output power of 750MW will replace some older and outdated power generation facilities in Serbia and will improve environmental situation.

The average age of the power gen units in Serbian power plants is 39 years. According to earlier estimations investments in Kolubara B new power plant is projected at more than 1 billion euros.

EPS and Italian Edison signed the preliminary contract last year, cooperation platform for construction of Kolubara B new power plant.

According to estimations, EPS invested so far around 300 mil euros.