Serbia:Revitalization of the TPP „Kostolac B“ with Chinese contractors, according to plans

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The works on the revitalization of the Block B1 in the Thermo Power Plant „Kostolac B“ which are performed by Chinese partners with their subcontractors are developed according to planned dynamics.

We discussed about the current activities about on the construction site with Mr. Dragan Živić, Director of TPP “Kostolac B”. – At the moment it is about the mounting of the heating boiler areas, and the works on the economizer, evaporator, preheater 2 and superheater 2 are nearly finished, says Mr Živić. At the firing plant, there are activities in large, on dosing feeders, stackers and fans. The electric filter areas which are kept according project are in course of preparations. The old parts of the electric filter are being prepared for anticorrosive coating of all equipment. The new base plate and the new plant, i.e. electric plant of electro filter are being constructed. In order to keep up the mounting dynamics, the representatives of the Chinese company „CMEC“ were reminded to be strict with their subcontractors, the submitting of the quality control of the performed works has to be observed more carefully, and the submitting of attest-technical documentation must be accelerated, as Mr. Živić points out.

The realization degree of the works on turbo generator plant is about 37 percent. The delivery of turbo generator elements, i.e. two new generator stations from the Polish „Alstom “ has already started. All other activities in the machine hall are performed according to plan of the employees of the thermo power plant „Kostolac B“ and the local companies which were given the job through open procedures of public procurements. The equipment and spare parts made in China are delivered according to agreed dynamics. In Pančevo Port, about 11 thousand tons of equipment, i.e. 90 percent of equipment and materials has arrived, says Director of TPP „Kostolac B“.

The equipment is transported to the thermal power plant by trucks; 185 trucks are planned for that equipment, and up to 11th June 60 trucks were delivered. The Chinese partners have not delivered the RB steam pipeline yet, as well as some cables, which are planned to be delivered on 25th June, the time when the delivery starts from China.

The public procurements for some works of larger scale have been already finished, i.e. mills for coal dust preparation, as well as plants for nitrogen oxide reduction. The contracts have been signed, and these days we are going to organize some mutual meeting at which all contractors will participate – Chinese companies, „Simens“, „Feromont“. The public procurements final phase which will govern all works in the sub-filter part, and the part of the plant for the ash and slag transport. It is another bigger enterprise within this overhauling, and we expect to realize this public procurement in the following twenty days. The parts of turbine – moving blades, which are repaired in “Alstom” are nearly finished and prepared for transport to Kostolac. The rotor of the generator is in the other factory „Alstom“ in Groclaw. The fault diagnosis has been done, the works which are not planned within the contract, but have to be done are noted. Because of that, the company „TP – KO Kostolac“ should now make the decision on further activities which are possible to perform without influence on deadline extensions and postpone of the Unit start. – About 450 workers are present on the construction site, mostly Chinese, and about hundred are the citizens of Serbia who are working for Chinese companies „CMEC“, „Dalian“ or „Djansui“.

Several our specialized companies for performing of works and services were engaged by the Chinese companies. They are „Feromont“, „Izoprogres“, „Termika“, „Termo oprema“ and several construction companies. „CMEC“ has also signed a contract with the German company „Term Servis” which performs the preparation for acid washing and sparging of boiler. In the machine hall, there are, apart from employees of TPP “Kostolac” and “Prim”, also workers from “Feromont” and “Alstom”. On the construction site, there are daily preparations on generator turbine for the mounting, so that the placement of this equipment can be continued, when it comes from Poland. For the preparation works in TPP “Kostolac B” „Termoelektro Enel“, „Obilić Kosovo“, the Institute „Mihajlo Pupin“ and „Nikola Tesla“ are also engaged, as well as the other companies which were given the job by public procurement, says Živić. – The overhauling of the mutual plants, we will start in July, the activities on heating elements mounting of boiler are continuing, overhauling of mills and their equipment is starting – demounting and mounting of the firing plant parts within the equipment for nitrogen oxide reduction. We expect the Chinese partners to finish their necessary preparations on electric filter, so that, after the technical documentation submitting, the construction of great bases for the future electric filter can begin. All other preparations and equipment acceptance from Poland and China are following. The Thermo Power Plant „Kostolac B“ is a great construction site at the moment. On the location which is planned for construction of Block B3 there is a mounting site. The equipment assembly is performed there, in order to be lifted on the boiler plant afterwards. The majority of Chinese workers are on the erection site, where the works are performed 24 hours continuously, as Mr. Dragan Živić points out.