Serbia:The liberalization of electricity market between practice and compliance with laws

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From the beginning of 2013, Serbia opened the electricity market for large customers, and by 2015 households should also get a choice of suppliers. However, in order to start the liberalization of the electricity market in practice, firstly should be done the restructuring of Serbia Power Utility Company. And it has been late with this job.

The South Eastern Europe region is one of the eight energy regions in Europe, and Serbia is in the center. Although bordered by eight countries, Serbia did not use its position for better positioning in the electricity market. In the past period mostly were regulated the laws and regulations, but in order that electricity market be fully operational, EPS has to become competitive firm.

The European directives make the legal framework for the liberalization of the electricity market, but their application does not only depend on the will, because the energy requirements should be harmonized with the laws on the state property, public procurement and public companies. However, despite this, the wholesale largely came in life, but wholesale to small consumers, is not yet.

Experts  agree in their assessment that Serbia has to enable power market liberalization and competition game but warn that on that road EPS must be saved as a unique system, because if Serbia holds all the power plants together and has a single management, can be equal player in the market.

Source; Serbia Energy

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