Bosnia: The highest monthly production in TPP “Kakanj, sustainable power gen & delivery

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Thermal Power plant “Kakanj” in August this year produced 268,095 megawatt hours of electricity, by which it is achieved the highest monthly production for the past 17 ​​years.

It is expected that by the end of 2013, TPP “Kakanj” will exceed last year’s production of electricity of 2,487 GWh.

Since the TPP works at full capacity, daily coal consumption is more than 7,000 tons, which requires maximum involvement of all mines that supply thermal power plant of Kakanj with coal. The regular monthly overhaul of Unit 7 is planned in October 2013.

Thermal Power Plant “Kakanj” is the second largest thermal power plant in Bosnia. In addition to the primary product – electricity, TPP “Kakanj” produces and delivers thermal energy for district heating of city Kakanj and additionally supplies slag and ash to the cement factory “Kakanj”. With a total installed capacity of 450 MW an average annual production is 2,300 GWh, with an annual coal consumption of 1.8 million tons.

Revitalized Unit 6 was put into operation in May 2012, by which the unit life is extended for additional 15 years. The revitalization improved facilities readiness, increased the useful activity level and reduced pollutants emission, it was said from the Department of Communications of “BiH Power Utility Company”.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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