Slovenia, Block 6 of TPP Šoštanj online again

, SEE Energy News

Unit 6 in the Slovenian thermal power plant Šoštanj, the largest power plant in the country, was again synchronized with the electricity network on May 9. The planned shutdown of the key unit of the coal-fired power plant took place on April 26 this year, and during the period of interruption, the production of electricity for the Slovenian electricity system and heat energy for consumers in the Šaleška Valley was provided by Unit 5 and gas units.

During the shutdown of the plant, the planned maintenance works were performed, in which about 400 power plant workers and external associates participated.

TPP Šoštanj produces almost a third of Slovenia’s electricity. The total production in 2021 amounted to 3,166 GWh, of which 2,507 GWh in Block 6. At the same time, the production of thermal energy amounted to 343 GWh.

From January 1 this year until today, the power plant has produced 1,236 GWh of electricity, of which 1,010 GWh in Unit 6. This represents more than 40% of the share of total energy in the Slovenian transmission system.

In the same period, 170 GWh of heat energy was produced, of which 122 GWh in block 6, Holding Slovenske elektrarne (HSE) reported.