Slovenia: Electricity – Market and Regulatory Framework

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As an EU member, Slovenia is bound by the European energy legislation. The Third Energy Package was fully implemented in the 2014 Energy Act, which provides for relatively high consumer protection standards.

The bodies responsible for regulating the electricity sector in Slovenia include: the Slovenian Government, primarily as a policy maker; The Energy Agency, which is responsible for ensuring a sustainable, reliable and high quality electricity supply, sector development and reporting function; TSO ELES d.o.o. operating the Slovenian transmission network SODO; and, DSO, which provides a secure, reliable and efficient electricity supply to about one million consumers in Slovenia through five public distribution networks operated by regional power companies – partly or wholly owned by the state.

The organizer of the electricity market is BORZEN d.o.o, which manages the Slovenian Balance Scheme. Any legal or natural person wishing to actively operate in the wholesale and/or retail electricity market must become a member of the Balance Scheme.

The Slovenian network is well integrated with the European electricity system, and interconnections connect Slovenia with the Italian, Croatian and Austrian networks. The connection with Hungary is under preparation.

Generation of thermal power plants in 2017 was 3.72 TWh, hydropower plants 4.89 TWh, nuclear power plants 5.78 TWh and solar power plants 0.25 TWh.

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