Slovenia: Financial result of GEN-I higher than planned

, SEE Energy News

Financial result of GEN-I exceeded the plan adopted in 2019 by 20 %. The company finished the first half of 2020 with an EBIT of 11.1 million euros.

By the end of June 2020, the Group had sold 65 TWh of electricity and gas, representing almost 80 % of sales in 2019. This was achieved by trading in more than 20 countries and strategically targeting trading in Western markets. In addition, it is further focused on increasing activity in the European gas market. It is estimated that 2020 will be a record in terms of volume and will exceed last year by at least 25 % and approach 100 TWh of electricity and gas sold annually. The Group’s success is also reflected in the remaining areas of GEN-I’s business and focus on green digital transformation, as interest in solar power plants has grown tremendously and sales of solar power plants have exceeded all plans. GEN-I Sonce solar power plants have been installed in 90 % of all Slovenian municipalities, which reduced the amount of CO2 emissions by more than 6,700 tons from January 2017 to March 2020.