Slovenia: Gazprom shows interest in acquiring Petrol

, SEE Energy News

Russian Gazprom is interested in buying the state capital of Slovenian Petrol, but inquiring about it lead to a wall of silence, says “Delo” from Ljubljana.

Representatives of Gazprom wanted to get detailed information on Petrol, but they were unsuccessful.

– Management did not talk about the takeover with anyone. You should ask the owners of shares, they told us in Petrol.

Economist Simon Mastnak does not know more about Russians showing interest for Petrol. But he said the government has long ago announced the sale of shares in Petrol. What price can be achieved will depend on what will be the interest.

– If someone got it all on a plate, Petrol prices would be low. In transparent sale process the sale price would be higher, because there would be more potential buyers. I hope that the Government has learned from past attempts to sell the state capital, said Matnak, who declined to give an estimate of the value of Petrol for the buyers.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine