Slovenia, Geoplin is considering filing a lawsuit against Gazprom

, SEE Energy News

Slovenian natural gas supplier Geoplin said that it is considering filing a lawsuit against Russian gas company Gazprom due to its inability to meet gas deliveries agreed in the gas supply contract.

The statement from the company said that its shareholders already approved the launch of legal action against Gazprom, as adverse financial effects from Gazprom’s violation of contractual obligations have caused damages to Geoplin. Therefore, the company called on Gazprom to resolve the breach of the contract and provide compensation for the resulting damages. In 2018, Geoplin signed a five-year natural gas supply contract with Gazprom to import 600 million cubic meters of Russian natural gas per year.

Last week, Geoplin signed a natural gas supply contract with Algeria’s state-owned energy company Sonatrach. The three-year contract includes the purchase of about 300 million cubic meters of natural gas per year, which is about a third of Slovenia’s current annual consumption. The Algerian gas will be transported to Slovenia via a pipeline running through Tunisia and Italy.

Russia supplies most of Slovenia’s natural gas, which accounts for 12 % of overall energy mix.

The majority shareholder of Geoplin is Slovenian energy group Petrol.