Slovenia, HSE completed its second solar power plant

, SEE Energy News

Following the completion of Prapretno solar power plant – the largest solar project in Slovenia, in April, Slovenian energy company HSE, namely its subsidiary DEM, has completed the construction of another solar project – 2.5 MW power plant in Zlatolicje near Ptuj.

Construction of the last segment of the plant was completed in June and it is now connected to the national electricity network. The plant consists of 5,694 high-efficiency solar modules with a total nominal power of 2.505 MW.

The solar power plant is located on the left bank of a discharge water canal at Slovenia’s largest hydro power plant – Zlatolicje, in the northeastern part of the country.

The solar plant is part of a broader project for a power plant with total installed capacity of some 30 MW and expected annual electricity production of 37,000 MWh that will be built at HPP Zlatolicje in the next few years.

In April, HSE HSE commissioned 3 MW Prapretno solar power plant, built on the rehabilitated section of coal landfill near Hrastnik. This is the largest solar power plant in the country, a project worth some 2.5 million euros which will provide enough electricity to cover the demand of some 800 households. The plan is to increase the capacity of the plant to 12 MW.