Slovenia, Net electricity production 1.22 TWh in March

, SEE Energy News

Net electricity production in Slovenia increased by 16% on a monthly basis in March, to 1,223 GWh, while total electricity consumption increased by 9%, the statistical office announced on Monday.

On an annual basis, the country’s electricity production decreased by 8%, while total consumption increased by 2%, according to a statement from the statistical office, according to preliminary data.

Production of hydroelectric power plants in March decreased by 45% annually, to 193 GWh.

The production of thermal power plants in Slovenia amounted to 491 GWh in March, which is 12% more than in March last year, while the production of the only Slovenian nuclear power plant Krško fell by 1% compared to the same period last year, to 510 GWh.

In March, Slovenia imported 741 GWh of electricity and exported 677 GWh. Imports increased by 20% compared to the previous month, while exports decreased by 1%.

The largest share in the total electricity production in Slovenia in March was nuclear energy with 41.7%, followed by thermal energy with 40.1%, hydropower with 15.8% and solar and wind energy with 2.4%.


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