Slovenia: NPP Krsko’s 2021 planned production

, SEE Energy News

Electricity production goal for 2021 at nuclear power plant Krsko is 5.3 TWh. Last year, there was no overhaul since NPP Krsko operates in an 18-month fuel cycle, so for the second time in its operational life, the plant exceeded the production of 6 TWh of electricity.

Half of that electricity, which was delivered to the Slovenian system, covered one fifth of the consumption in the country, and the other half was delivered to the Croatian system, where it covered a little more than one sixth of domestic consumption.

NPP Krsko is owned by GEN Energija and Croatian power utility HEP, where the two companies own equal stakes. NPP Krsko was put in commercial operation in 1983 and it should be in operation until 2023, but both countries are planning to extend plant’s operational life by additional 20 years.