Slovenia: Petrol no longer offers free charging for electric vehicles

, SEE Energy News

Slovenian energy company Petrol operates the largest network of charging stations in the country and along the border in Austria, with more than 100 locations.

After seven years of offering charging of electric vehicles for free, Petrol will start charging for the service as of 15 February. The company has so far been charging only for the use of quick charge stations. The statement from the company said that this is an important step for development and expansion of plug-in car charging infrastructure in the region, adding it plans to set up more than 1,300 charging stations in the region by 2025. Drivers charging their vehicles with up to 22 kilowatt plugs will pay 25 eurocents/kWh. Petrol said its goal was constant development, which entailed high investment. Head of sustained mobility department Tadej Smogavec said that many of Petrol’s charging stations are already powered by clean energy from renewable sources, and the company is also constantly expanding the network of host charging stations in the region.