Slovenia: Record in high daily electricity production at HSE’s TPP Sostanj

, SEE Energy News

So far this year, thermal power plant Sostanj produced a total of 3,244,191 MWh of electricity and 266,339 MWh of thermal energy.

On Friday, 27 November, TPP Sostanj, produced a total of 19.1 million kWh of electricity, thus achieving its record daily electricity production so far. Both coal-fired units (5 and 6) were operational, as well as gas-fired units.

The record production is a result of favorable market conditions in the last two months, relatively favorable electricity prices on a daily basis, and high availability of production infrastructure. On 27 November, the plant exceeded its previous record electricity produced in one day, achieved on 6 September 2018, by some 289,000 kWh.

Last month, HSE said that its power plants produced a total of 995 GWh of electricity in October, which is the highest monthly output in the company’s history. Production in October was 50 % above planned and represents about 13 % of HSE’s annual electricity generation. HSE operates two hydropower subsidiaries – Dravske Elektrarne Maribor (DEM) and Soske Elektrarne Nova Gorica (SENG), and coal-fired thermal power plant Sostanj, with combined installed capacity of 1,990 MW. Such results have been achieved due to excellent hydrological conditions, high reliability of the plants and favorable conditions in the energy market. In addition, on 13 October, HSE’s power plants produced a total of 36.7 GWh of electricity, which is the record daily production. HSE generates 70 % of the electricity produced in Slovenia and 86 % of the electricity from renewable energy sources in the country.

In October 2020, total net electricity generation in Slovenia reached 1,732 GWh, which is 24 % more than in the previous month. This is the highest monthly electricity generation recorded in Slovenia in the last 17 years of monitoring.