Slovenia: Regular maintenance at TPP Sostanj

, SEE Energy News

Unit 6 of coal-fired thermal power plant Sostanj, operated by Slovenian state-owned HSE, was taken offline on 21 August for regular maintenance, the company announced. The unit is expected to be back online on 5 September. During the downtime, electricity will be provided by the plant’s unit 5 and its gas-fired units if needed.

Previously, unit 6 had scheduled downtime between 27 April and 11 May 2020 and it has been operating continuously for 103 days until current shutdown. During that time it produced 1.034.338 MWh of electricity and 38.238 MWh of thermal energy. So far in 2020, TPP Sostanj 6 produced 2.057.866 MWh of electricity and 193.535 MWh of thermal energy.