Slovenia: Russian-Swiss Edelweis to buy TPP Trbovlje from Slovenia power utility company

15. August 2013. / Mining

Russian businessman Oleg Bulrakov is ready to buy TPP Trbovlje which he is ready to pay 11 million EUR for to the mayor ownership of National Holding of Slovenian Plants (HSE).

Bulrakov would buy TET over its Swiss Corporation Edelweis and so take the responsibility to invest 60 million EUR in renewal of Slovenian Plant and it would keep the biggest part of employees which is 140 at the moment.

Burlakov negotiated about the buying of TET that produces 6% of total Slovenian electricity but they didn’t made an agreement. It has expressed the biggest interest on international competition again so it finished deep observation of the business.

Therefore, this job could be realized because current owners, administration and employees are satisfied with that Burlakov offered.

According to media, dilemma related to the fact that new owner would most probably concentrate on carbon remains considering that current reserves in the mine Trbovlje-Hrastik are little and that the mine will have to be closed in the future, while investing in new pits is not economical.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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